ChokeSports and Isami are known for the custom made belts with embroideries that we produce in Japan. For the past 10+ years we have made belts to some of the most legendary names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and other martial arts.

There are simply so many options to choose from when ordering a custom made belt from ChokeSports that the process might seem overwhelming to some people. With that in mind, we have recently elaborated new embroidery charts to help our customers navigate the embroidery possibilities so they can get the belt of their dreams.

Here's a quick list with what you need to consider when ordering an Isami belt with embroideries...

  1. Text to embroider
  2. Color
  3. Font Size
  4. Font Type
  5. Position on the belt

The most common requests are for Latin Alphabet (with letters A, B, C, D...), or foreign names translated to Japanese (here we use Katakana letters, not Kanji), or Japanese Kanji symbols (such as Japanese names or martial arts or meaningful words such as "Courage", "Spirit" etc). We can also embroider some Korean and Chinese symbols.
In the belt product page, you can either type the text to embroider or even upload a file. This is handy if you have the Japanese letters in an image file.

There are over 20 different thread colors for you to choose. No matter your taste or belt rank, you are sure to find the right color to embroider your new belt.

ChokeSports Isami Embroidery Colors

There are three embroidery sizes available: 1.5cm (for writing in two lines), 2.5cm (our standard size) and 3.5cm. We recommend you calculate beforehand how long the embroidery will be on your belt. So you can ensure the embroidery does not end up inside the knot when the belt is tied.
OBS. if you don't specify the font size, we'll just use our standard size 2.5cm which fits most belts.

ChokeSports Isami Embroidered BJJ Black Belt

Although we have about 180 fonts in our embroidery system, we've made a decision to narrow it down to the 4 most popular fonts: Standard (Font A), Block (Font B), Gothic (Font C) and Script (Font D). Please note that A and B are also available in Japanese Kanji, Katakana and numbers.
OBS. if you don't specify the font type, we'll just use our Standard (Font A).

ChokeSports Isami Embroidery Fonts

Each belt has two ends with two sides (front and back). We call them A, B, C and D. When ordering a fully custom made belt, it's possible to have embroideries on the front and on the back of the same belt end. That's because we embroider the fabric first and then we make the belt, so the reverse trail does not show on the opposite side. 
With that being said, most customers simply go for the two front positions on the belt. But if you want something more elaborate, or would like to add a "hidden embroidery" on your belt, you can have it on the back side of the belt. It definitely looks cool!
OBS. if you don't specify the position on the belt, we'll just use our standard positions B and C.




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