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Black/Black color is always in stock and ready to ship. You'll also get a cool mesh bag to store and carry the kickpads.

CM Punk's a customer

These kick pads are often seen on WWE Raw and other TV broadcasts. The one and only CM Punk gets his shin guards from ChokeSports.

We ship it free

Our best selling Isami Wrestling Shin Guards ship free worldwide. We have sent these kickpads to the four corners of the world.


Get the right look in the ring: the front padding is available in black, blue, red and white colors. The elastic neoprene on the back comes in black color.

Other color variations - as well as all cow leather kick pads - can be ordered directly through our customer service.


Our famous Isami Shin Guards Pro are produced in Saitama, Japan. It took our Japanese team a lot of testing and tweaking to reach the current finished product you see in our store.

We consulted with and received valuable feedback from established Japanese pro-wrestlers. Every single detail has been designed with a purpose - whether it's functional or aesthetic.


The adjustment straps keep the kickpads tight around the calfs so you can move wildly in the ring without having to worry about fixing them. You get excellent elasticity for a comfortable, protected fit.


Our wrestling shin guards are made to endure extreme abuse in the ring and last for many years to come. Everything is reinforced, and the stitching on the back always matches the front (padding) color.


We have two standard sizes that fit most wrestlers. The back of the shin guards is made of expandable material that adapts to your legs. 

Need custom sizing? Yes, we can tailor make our famous Isami Wrestling Shin Guards for you. Click to read more.


Our bestselling kneepads are a perfect match for your new kickpads. They feature a strategic cut that makes it hard to slip off and easy to bend. The protective padding prevents injuries and bruises during falls and strikes. Available in Black and White colors in four sizes for a perfect fit.

Wrestling Knee


This short video was shot in our production line in Saitama, Japan. See all the details: the leather finish, the perfect stitching, neoprene straps, padded areas, mesh bag. We shot it as if it was you holding the Isami Pro-Wrestling Shin Guards for the first time.

What Customers Are Saying About Chokesports

I've always had my eye on RVDDW and Isami brand gear but wasn't sure about how to order in the US. ChokeSports made the process extremely easy and the shipping was amazingly fast. Extreme recommend to anyone on the fence.

Brandon M. Tennessee, USA

Fast shipping. Tee quality and design definitely worth buying. Interesting part was the fantastic services provided by the support team so I could surprise my loved one. Truly appreciated.

Colene T. Perai, Malaysia

I have purchased 4 belts through ChokeSports. Everyone of them was of exceptional quality and the workmanship was incredible! The customer service and ease of placing my order was awesome.

Ken G. Colorado, USA

I'm always happy to open the package to discover another new obi belt. The quality is still the best, delivery time still there, and most important the service is number one. Very dedicated to the client.

Ghislain F. Quebec, Canada

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