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    Channel the spirit of Waikiki and power up your training with RVDDW's "Hotel Gym Grip Dry T-Shirt". A marvel of gym wear, it's engineered for athletes who play as hard as they train. Ready to bring a hint of island flair to your workout? Snag this t-shirt and make a statement.

    • Inspired by Waikiki luxury, this shirt's about more than just reps and sets.
    • Polygiene tech keeps you smelling like the fresh ocean breeze.
    • Gel prints mean your gym equipment sticks to you, not the other way around.

    Picture this: you’re hitting the weights, and every lift is a breeze, thanks to the shirt's grippy innovation. You’re turning heads, not from that post-workout scent, but because you're rocking a shirt that stays as fresh as your form, courtesy of silver ion technology. And every time you bench, those high-density gel prints are there to spot you, providing that extra cling you need.

    • Versatility: Tailored for the gym, styled for the streets.
    • Five sizes: Perfect fit for every warrior’s physique.
    • 100% polyester: Breathability meets durability in a 4.3oz package.

    So, whether you’re pumping iron or just pumping up your street cred, this shirt has got you covered. It's the armor of choice for those who demand performance and panache. With a fit that complements your warrior form and a design that whispers 'tropical getaway,' this tee is a slice of vacation with every wear. Train hard, live easy, and bring the Waikiki vibe right into your gym bag. Don't just wear the gear, own the experience. Grab yours now and make every day feel like a beach day.

    Hotel Gym Grip Dry T-Shirt from Reversal Japan
    Black color in five sizes for men and women
    Front and back high density gel prints
    100% polyester (4.3oz) with silver ion antibacterial technology
    RVDDW 2024 Spring-Summer Collection

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