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Reversal is the hottest martial arts & street wear brand from Tokyo, Japan. We blend killer designs and technology with the best of Japanese craftsmanship. is your exclusive gateway to the latest RVDDW fight gear and clothing. But you have to act fast because most items are part of limited edition collections.

Isami BJJ Black Belt from


ChokeSports has been our go to for our black belts for almost a decade. They not only make the highest quality and most beautiful belts, but they are also responsive, helpful and always wanting to make your order perfect.

Natasha from USA

Reversal RVDDW Shorts from


Great stuff and first class service again. Very beautifully made shorts with meticulous stitching. Looks great and feels so nice. Can’t stop wearing it.

Mark from Hong Kong

Shooto Reversible Compression Shorts from


Everything I buy from ChokeSports is high quality, and these reversible compression shorts were no exception! Awesome fit and great for intense workouts.

Joline from USA


This is without a doubt the highest quality belt I've ever worn. The order was easily tracked and my belt was delivered almost a week before the expected date, which made me even happier.

John from USA


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Martial Arts Way of Life

Welcome to! If you value the finest craftsmanship and design in your martial arts gear and apparel, then you've come to the right place. As a family-run business deeply rooted in the martial arts tradition, we are proud to be the official international partner of renowned Japanese brands Isami and Reversal RVDDW.

From the world's most prized Jiu-Jitsu and Karate belts to professional gear for Boxing and MMA, has got you covered. So go ahead and join our vibrant community of over 60,000 happy customers. And if you have any questions about our products and services, just get in touch to experience our famous customer service. Happy shopping!


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A Tale of Triumph and Anticipation

A Tale of Triumph and Anticipation

This blog post is a rollercoaster ride of Hiroto's recent jaw-dropping MMA debut and the buzz around Takahiro's fight at Rizin tomorrow—both sporting the unbeatable gear from Isami and Reversal that's available at
Champions in the Ring, Champions in Gear

Champions in the Ring, Champions in Gear

Two standout moments have recently captivated fans worldwide: Isami and Reversal sponsored fighters have clinched victories in Rizin and Pancrase events in Japan...
The Legacy of Excellence: How ChokeSports' Custom Belts Honor Martial Arts Legends

The Legacy of Excellence: How ChokeSports' Custom Belts Honor Martial Arts Legends

BJJ pioneers Roberto Gordo and Helio Soneca were honored with custom red-black belts by ChokeSports. Master Renzo Gracie awarded these belts and...

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