Isami Washable MMA Gloves

Made in Japan

Size: Small
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Unveil the future of MMA training with the Isami Washable MMA Gloves, a revolutionary product exclusively available at ChokeSports. Crafted in Saitama, Japan, these gloves are made from the innovative Cortex material, offering unparalleled durability, water resistance, and ease of maintenance. Designed for the dedicated fighter, these gloves redefine what you expect from martial arts gear.

  • Innovative Cortex Material: Developed in-house, Cortex is tougher than genuine leather and offers superior water resistance.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable for effortless cleaning, ensuring your gloves remain fresh and hygienic after every intense session.
  • Made in Japan Quality: Each pair is meticulously crafted in Saitama, Japan, embodying the unmatched precision and quality of Japanese manufacturing.

The Isami Washable MMA Gloves are not just any gloves; they are a testament to innovation and quality, designed to support your journey in MMA with unparalleled comfort and durability. Available in sizes S, M, and L, these gloves are tailored to fit the needs of every fighter. Dive into the future of MMA gear; pre-order your Isami Gloves today and experience the blend of tradition and innovation only ChokeSports can offer.

Isami's Washable MMA Gloves represent a leap forward in martial arts equipment, combining the traditional craftsmanship of Japan with modern, high-performance materials. Whether you're sparring, grappling, or striking, these gloves are built to last, offering both the toughness needed for intense training and the ease of maintenance required for daily use. Embrace the pinnacle of MMA performance and hygiene with Isami's Washable MMA Gloves. Pre-order now and secure your pair from ChokeSports, where tradition meets innovation.

⏳ Pre-Order Opportunity

Eager to own the Isami Gloves? Pre-order now, even if your desired size or color is currently unavailable. Crafting this premium item in Japan takes 2-3 months, but we often ship orders ahead of schedule. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed with timely updates and tracking details throughout the process. Don't want to wait?

🧼 Washing Instructions

1. You can hand wash with hand soap, or even machine wash inside a net and separate from other items. 
2. For best results, hang dry the gloves in the shade.
3. Do not use bleach or tumble dry.

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