PTA Easy Jersey Shorts

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Color: Black
Size: S
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  • Best-Selling Design: Built on our top-selling jersey shorts' legacy, enhanced with unique RVDDW artwork.
  • Deep Symbolism: PTA - representing "Primitive, Think, Answer" and complemented by "Experimental and Discipline", encapsulating this season's theme.
  • Tailored for Activity: Side pockets, ideal length, and available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Green.

Dive into the narrative of the "PTA Easy Jersey Shorts" from Reversal's 2023 fall-winter collection. These shorts, built upon the legacy of our best-selling jersey design, are not just a style statement but a tale of symbolism with the PTA acronym representing "Primitive, Think, Answer", further enriched by "Experimental and Discipline". But it's not just about the story; tailored for the Reversal enthusiast, they promise lightweight comfort, breathability, and quick-drying capabilities.

Whether you're training or out on a casual day, the side pockets and perfect length cater to all your active needs. And with three versatile colors - Black, Blue, and Green - matching them with your wardrobe has never been easier. Experience a blend of style, symbolism, and superior comfort with every wear.

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