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  • Expertly crafted lightweight chest pad by Isami, made in Japan
  • Designed for superior protection and comfort during martial arts training
  • Slim profile allows for discreet wear under Karate gi uniform

Introducing the Lightweight Chest Pad for martial arts, expertly crafted by Isami in Japan. Designed for dedicated martial artists seeking superior protection and comfort during training, this chest pad offers a slim, discreet profile that can be easily worn under your Karate gi uniform.

Featuring 11mm of padding, our chest pad delivers exceptional protection to both the chest and ribs during practice. The carefully engineered combination of 10mm EVA sponge and a 1mm polyethylene plate ensures the perfect balance of shock absorption and impact resistance, keeping you safe from strikes and kicks.

The Isami Lightweight Chest Pad is designed for ease of use and a customized fit, with drawstrings over the shoulder and around the torso. This adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit for martial artists of all sizes, without restricting mobility or flexibility during training and competition.

  • Adjustable drawstrings for a secure, customized fit across Men, Women, and Kids sizes
  • High-quality Katsuragi cotton fabric ensures durability and breathability
  • Perfect fusion of Japanese craftsmanship, protection, and comfort for martial artists

Available in Men, Women, and Kids sizes, our chest pad is suitable for martial artists across various age groups and skill levels. The high-quality Katsuragi cotton fabric offers both durability and breathability, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout even the most intense training sessions.

Invest in the Isami Lightweight Chest Pad and experience the perfect fusion of Japanese craftsmanship, protection, and comfort in your martial arts journey.

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