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  • Optimized for Precision: Specifically designed for lighter weight classes and precision pad work, these 8oz boxing gloves facilitate faster punches and refined accuracy in your strikes.
  • Vintage Aesthetic: Indulge in the timeless look with a modern twist, thanks to the high-grade cowhide leather in an elegant brown, making these gloves stand out in form and function.
  • Exclusive Craftsmanship: With less than 50 pairs crafted, these limited edition boxing gloves from the partnership between RVDDW and Isami offer unmatched quality and exclusivity.

As a martial artist, you understand the balance between aesthetics and functionality. The Vintage Boxing Gloves 8oz strike that balance perfectly. Their lighter weight makes them ideal for honing speed and technique, while their design is tailored to the needs of competitors in lighter divisions. While they shine brightest during mitt work, allowing for a honed precision that heavier gloves might not afford, they are also suited for those seeking the tactile responsiveness required for competitive bouts.

RVDDW Vintage Boxing Gloves

  • Precision Training Tool: Ideal for fighters looking to improve speed and precision without the bulk of heavier gloves.
  • Exclusive Limited Edition: Seize the opportunity to own a rare piece of martial arts gear with less than 50 pairs produced. Our limited stock at is your chance to stand out in the gym with these exquisite shin guards.
  • Rewarding Purchase: Enjoy a 10% discount when pairing these gloves with the Vintage Kickboxing Shin Guards, plus a 5% cashback on every purchase.

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