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The WVT Dry Hoodie is the uppercut of hoodies. It’s the champion of comfort with a knockout design, ready to escort you from a casual coffee run to the climax of your training session. Made to pair with your WVT Dry Stretch Joggers for a combo that packs a punch.

WVT Dry Hoodie from Reversal Japan


  • All-Season Warmth: Crafted for comfort with a weight that's just right.
  • Athletic Aesthetics: Clean, bold graphics for a look that says "I mean business".
  • Fight Off Odors: Polygiene technology to keep you smelling like victory.
  • Street to Gym Versatility: Perfect for a jog or just lounging after a long day of training.
  • Elegant Reversal Touch: Combines with joggers to complete your martial arts mastery attire.

Shop WVT Dry Hoodie from RVDDW Tokyo


The WVT Dry Hoodie is more than just a sweatshirt; it’s a statement. This piece from Reversal's 2024 Spring-Summer Collection is the armor you wear to face the day. It’s tailored to transition seamlessly from the street to the gym, with a heavyweight fabric that gives you the warmth you need without weighing you down. The graphics aren’t just graphics; they're a tribute to the fictional World Vale Tudo Tournament, adding a touch of class to your combat-ready look. And let's not forget about Polygiene technology, which keeps you fresh no matter how heated things get. Designed to perfectly match the WVT Dry Stretch Joggers, it’s the hoodie that completes your elite fighter’s wardrobe. Whether you’re throwing punches or just chilling, this hoodie’s got your back.

Slide into the WVT Dry Hoodie and feel the fusion of style and combat spirit. Don't wait, elevate your fight fashion today.

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