We have just released a chart to help our customers understand the differences between our famous Isami Karate Gis from Japan...

ChokeSports Isami Karate Gi Fabric Chart

As you can see in the chart, our base uniform is the Isami K-400 Classic. All the other uniforms are harder/softer and thicker/thinner in relation to the K-400. This is the same chart we use in Japan and it was elaborated according to the feel and weight of the different fabrics in our collection.

It's worth mentioning that we do not really produce any heavyweight Karate gis anymore, so even our thickest/hardest gis feel very comfortable and easy to wear. As is to be expected of ChokeSports and Isami Japan, all our Karate gis are made to perfection with incredible attention to detail. So even our lightest/thinnest dogis are guaranteed to last for many years.


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