Mas Oyama's favorite Karategi: Isami K-500

Here at you can purchase Mas Oyama's favorite Karategi: the famous Isami K-500. This is the hardest karate uniform we make, and yet extremely comfortable to wear.

Our parent company Isami has a very long and deep history with Kyokushin Karate in Japan. The legendary Masutatsu Oyama, founder of the Kyokushin Karate style, was an acquaintance of Mr. Shigeyuki Iso, Isami's president at the time.

At first Sosai Oyama would wear our unbleached full contact dogi Isami K-400 Classic. This is Isami's most traditional Karate uniform of all time. However, when Isami eventually released the upgrade to K-400, called K-500, Mas Oyama went crazy about it. In his own words, he adopted Isami K-500 because it was the most long-lasting and easy to wear Karate Gi he had ever tried. 

Isami Karate Gi K-500 Mas Oyama


As the K-500 became Sosai Mas Oyama's favorite uniform, Isami decided to supply many sets for him to wear during the year. He would use a brand new dogi for a while and then pass it along to his Deshi (pupil) as a gift.

That's how the Isami K-500 reputation started to spread in Japan. To this day it is a symbol of Karate Ka who are striving in training. Despite the recent growing popularity of bleached white Karate Gis, some people in Japan will only wear the Isami K-500 (unbleached).

Sosai Mas Oyama used to say: “Train hard, and train until the dogi color becomes white”. What he meant was that ivory Karate Gis like the Isami K-500 and Isami K-400 will eventually become white after repeated training and multiple washes. Osu!

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Dominiquie Vandenberg

Dominiquie Vandenberg

One of the best workhorse Gi’s i ever had OSS
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Dominiquie Vandenberg

Dominiquie Vandenberg

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