Custom Made Isami Purple Belt

Here at you can personalize your new martial arts belt - for Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo etc - and have it custom made for you in Japan. We have thousands of repeat customers all over the world including some of the most respected fighters and instructors.

On this blog post we want to show you in detail how we make these one-of-a-kind belts in our factory in Saitama, Japan. The belt in question is a Isami Light Purple Belt with the following specs: stiff core, integrated embroideries on both belt ends (Sides A and B), writing in Script English font in green color.


After receiving the order and checking all the details, the first step is to cut the belt surface fabric in the right dimensions to match the requested belt size...


Next we embroider the fabric. As you can see we embroider the fabric before we make the belt. This is called "integrated embroidery", which is the most premium and most resistant type of embroidery there is...


Now that the embroidery is done, we move on to actually making the belt. This is where ChokeSports and Isami's expertise really shines. We have a dedicated team of seamstresses with many years of experience. The attention to detail is unbelievable and is what ensures the final product is unlike any other belts on the market...


Once the belt is finished, it moves on to our quality control inspection. A new staff member handles the belt for the first time and double checks if all the details selected at are correct: embroidery, colors, belt length, stitching. When everything is approved, she will clean the belt and prep it for packaging...


The brand new belt is carefully folded and packed inside a bag so that it can be express shipped to its new owner in the next hours...

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