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For those in the know, the 4WAY Dry Oversized T-Shirt isn't just apparel; it's a flex of your martial arts connoisseurship, infused with the spirit of the '99 Vale Tudo showdown.

  • Unisex Appeal: Serves style in Black and White across four sizes for every warrior's wardrobe.
  • Tribute Graphics: Flaunts iconic tournament graphics that speak louder than a referee's whistle.
  • Performance Blend: Weaves 88% Nylon with 12% Polyurethane for a stretch that snaps back like a well-executed roundhouse kick.

Slide into this shirt like you're slipping on a black belt – with pride and a smidge of swagger. Whether you're grappling with the gym's weights or the coffee shop's baristas, the 4WAY Dry Oversized T-Shirt from Reversal Japan is your uniform for victory. It's more than just quick-drying; it's a quick way to drying off your competition's tears. Don't just wear it, live it – grab yours from our 2024 Spring-Summer Limited Edition Collection. Get it now, or tap out trying!

4WAY Dry Oversized T-Shirt from Reversal Japan.
Available in Black and White, with four sizes catering to a unisex fit.
Prominent front, back and hip tribute graphics celebrating the 1999 World Vale Tudo Tournament.
Crafted with 88% Nylon and 12% Polyurethane, featuring 4WAY stretch and quick-dry technology for optimal performance.
2024 Spring-Summer Limited Edition Collection.

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