Boxer Sauna Suit v2

Made in Japan

Size: M (170cm 5'7'')
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  • Professional Quality: Crafted in Japan, this sauna suit is the choice of both amateur and professional fighters globally.
  • Rapid Temperature Increase: Experience intense sweating faster than conventional sauna suits.
  • Upgraded Material: Made with "Estima Ag" for superior heat retention and efficient weight control.

Introducing the Boxer Sauna Suit v2, the new and improved version of Boxer's renowned Sauna Sweat Suit. Designed with the fighter in mind, this professional-grade sauna suit is meticulously crafted in Japan and has gained popularity among fighters both in Japan and internationally. Whether you're preparing for a competition or aiming for efficient weight control, this sauna suit ensures you sweat profusely, thanks to its rapid temperature increase feature. Made with the upgraded material "Estima Ag", it guarantees excellent heat retention, setting it apart from conventional sauna suits. If quality and efficiency are what you seek, the Boxer Sauna Suit v2 is the ultimate choice.

  • Heat Retention: Reflects radiant heat and efficiently absorbs infrared rays, ensuring warmth is trapped within.
  • Antibacterial Silver Ions: Suppresses bacterial growth, preventing unpleasant odors at a level superior to standard antibacterial products.
  • Improving Cardiovascular Fitness: Wearing a sauna suit can elevate the heart rate during exercise, potentially leading to improved cardiorespiratory fitness.

The Boxer Sauna Suit v2 isn't just about making you sweat; it's about ensuring you do so efficiently and comfortably. The suit's heat retention capabilities are unmatched, reflecting the body's radiant heat and absorbing sunlight's infrared rays. But that's not all. With the antibacterial effect of silver ions, you can be assured of a fresh experience every time, as it effectively suppresses bacterial growth and the onset of unpleasant odors. Beyond these benefits, the sauna suit plays a pivotal role in enhancing cardiovascular fitness. By elevating the heart rate during workouts, it aids in improving cardiorespiratory fitness, boosting endurance, and promoting overall cardiovascular health. Available in sizes M, L, and XL and in a sleek black color, each set comes with a top and pants, making it the best sauna suit in the market.

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