Groin Cup Newaza

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  • This Groin Guard Protector is especially designed for BJJ and other ground fighting martial arts.
  • No more worrying about knee slice passes and unexpected hits!
  • You'll be able to grapple and exchange positions on the ground knowing that your genitalia is always protected.

Even though Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is primarily a grappling art without strikes involved, it is actually quite common to receive unexpected hits during sparring. This is especially troublesome when your groin or genitalia takes the hit. Isami designed the Groin Cup Newaza with grapplers in mind. The cup has a rubber finish and is shaped to cover the bottom of the crotch firmly while you grapple. The wide waist line is made of comfy stretch fabric for a safe fit when you're practicing. You'll feel safe and protected on the mats!

Groin Guard protection for grapplers
Black color in three sizes
Made of polyester
Machine washable (please remove the cup first)
Designed in Japan, made in China

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