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Isami Boxing Sparring Gloves

Made in Japan

Color: Black
Size: 14oz
Made to Order (20-30 work days)


  • The famous Isami Boxing Sparring Gloves enable you to punch hard without having to worry about hurting your hands or your training partner. 
  • They are handcrafted in Japan in two sizes (14oz and 16oz) with an advanced three-layer padding system.
  • Designed to protect your fists right at the point of contact when you are throwing leather.  
  • These gloves are comfortable to wear and feature a soft grip that allows you to endure long sparring sessions without over tiring the arms.
  • Make no mistake: this is a high quality, professional level boxing glove for demanding fighters and trainers. Buy with confidence!

Isami Boxing Sparring Gloves with velcro adjustment
Two sizes (14oz and 16oz) in four colors (white, black, blue, red)
Three-layer sponge structure (47mm) over the knuckles
Stylized with BOXER prints and label
Made in Japan using genuine cowhide leather

BOXER is Isami's line of boxing and kickboxing gear. We custom make gloves for major international events and organizations such as Japan Boxing Commission, K-1, Shooto, Rizin, Sengoku, Pancrase among many others. ChokeSports.com is Isami's official international partner since 2006.

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