Isami Karate Gi Ivory

Size: 00 110cm 3'7''
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  • Full Contact Karate uniform set including jacket, pants, and a white belt.
  • High-quality fabric used for the jacket, suitable for beginners and intermediate Karate fighters.
  • Offers customization with beautiful embroidery options in both Japanese and English.

The Isami Karate Gi Ivory is not just another Karate uniform; it's a full-contact Karate uniform meticulously designed to meet the needs of beginners and intermediate fighters. This set includes a jacket made from high-quality fabric that withstands the demands of rigorous training. The traditional unbleached ivory color, symbolic of the purity of the sport, adds a touch of elegance. For a personal touch, you can customize your Gi with beautiful embroideries in both Japanese and English.

Isami Karate Gi Ivory K-15

  • The Isami K-15 is perfect for beginners and also suitable for more experienced fighters.
  • Available in ten sizes to accommodate men, women, and children.
  • First four sizes (00 to 2) feature pants with an elastic waist, while larger sizes come with classic drawstring pants.

The Isami K-15 is a versatile Karate Gi, designed not only for beginners but also for intermediate fighters. This Gi is available in ten different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for men, women, and children alike. For our youngest fighters and those just starting their journey, the first four sizes (00 to 2) come with pants featuring an elastic waist for ease and comfort. For the larger sizes, we offer the classic drawstring pants for a secure and adjustable fit. Manufactured in China, the Isami Karate Gi Ivory blends affordability with quality, providing an excellent choice for those ready to embark on or continue their Karate journey.

Isami Karate Gi Ivory K-15 Pants


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