Karate Hand Wrist Guard

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    Elevate your karate training with the Isami Karate Hand Wrist Guard, expertly designed in Japan for unparalleled protection and performance. These martial arts gloves are perfect for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to full-contact karateka, ensuring safety without sacrificing mobility or grip.

    • Comprehensive Protection: Features split sponge padding for knuckles, thumb, and wrist, offering full coverage without limiting movement.
    • Designed for Versatility: Ideal for Full Contact Karate, Kudo Daido Juku, and other martial arts requiring precise hand and wrist protection.
    • Custom Fit: Available in four sizes for both adults and kids, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for any hand size.

    The Isami Karate Hand Wrist Guard is the ultimate choice for karate practitioners seeking to enhance their training safely. Designed in Japan and produced with the highest quality materials, these gloves allow for striking, blocking, and gripping with confidence. The fingers stay protected in three different holes: 1-2 together, 3-4 together, thumb by itself. Step up your game and protect your hands with the best martial arts gloves on the market. Order your pair today.

    • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable Polyester, Rayon, and EVA for lasting use and optimal protection.
    • Color Options: Available in classic black and white, matching any karate uniform or personal style preference.
    • Trusted by Martial Artists: Endorsed by karate practitioners worldwide for their quality, fit, and enhanced protection features.

    Karate Hand Wrist Guard-Isami-ChokeSports

    Customers rave about the Isami Karate Hand Wrist Guard's exceptional quality, precise fit, and superior protection. With a wide range of sizes and additional thumb support, these wrist protection gloves stand out from other options on the market. Praised for their top-notch quality and prompt delivery, ChokeSports and Isami Japan continue to be the go-to source for premium martial arts gear. Don't compromise on safety or performance. Secure your hands with the trusted choice of champions. Purchase your Isami Karate Gloves today.

    Karate Gloves with Hand, Wrist and Thumb padding
    Black and White colors
    Four sizes for Adults and Kids
    Material: Polyester, Rayon, EVA
    Designed in Japan, Produced in China

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