Karate Tournament Head Guard

Made in Japan

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  • Peak Durability: The strongest head guard in our line, featuring a reinforced grid designed in Japan.
  • Enhanced Safety: Crafted without sharp edges to ensure safety during rigorous practice sessions.
  • Customizable for Competition: Includes easily removable red velcro straps for competitor differentiation in tournaments.

The Isami Karate Tournament Head Guard stands out as the pinnacle of durability and safety. Its reinforced grid is meticulously crafted in Japan, ensuring no sharp edges compromise your practice. With its distinctive removable red velcro straps, it's the ideal choice for competitors in any karate tournament setting.

  • Striking Aesthetic and Practicality: A professional look with a sleek white design, red straps, and a black grid.
  • Wide Field of Vision: Designed to protect while offering an unobstructed view, allowing for effortless movement and strikes.
  • Versatile Sizes: Tailored to fit martial artists of all ages, available in multiple sizes.

The Isami Karate Tournament Head Guard doesn’t just protect; it enhances your martial arts experience. The sleek design ensures you make a statement, while the wide field of vision allows for seamless movement and striking. Adjustable and comfortable, this head guard is a true companion for any martial artist focused on technique and safety.

Karate Head Guard in three sizes for Adults and Kids
Cushioned interior with velcro fastening
Removable grid
Materials: Vinyl leather, sponge and light metal with plastic coating
High Quality Made in Japan

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