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Cap your look with the Kung Fu Boys Nylon Cap from Reversal. It's not just a hat; it's your dojo's crown. Perfect for shielding the sun or completing your martial arts-inspired ensemble.

  • Limited Edition Collection: Exclusive to Reversal's Kung Fu Boys line.
  • Striking Yellow Kanji Embroidery: Eye-catching details adorn this stylish headwear.
  • 100% Nylon for Durability: Built to last through every training and beyond.
Kung Fu Boys Nylon Cap from RVDDW Tokyo

The Kung Fu Boys Nylon Cap is a nod to Tokyo's hidden martial arts clubs, with its bold yellow Kanji embroideries making a statement without saying a word. Whether you're shielding your eyes on a sunny day or adding the finishing touch to your athletic look, this cap is a symbol of style and story. It's more than an accessory—it's part of your martial arts identity, crafted to stand out in the city or the gym.

  • Complete the Look: Pair it with the Kung Fu Boys Tee and Eco Bag for a cohesive style.
  • Versatile Wear: Ideal for both training sessions and street style.
  • Perfect for Martial Arts Enthusiasts: A cap that speaks to your passion for the sport and culture.
Kung Fu Boys Nylon Cap-Reversal RVDDW-ChokeSports

With its durable nylon material, the Kung Fu Boys Cap is ready for any challenge. It pairs seamlessly with the rest of the collection, including the Kung Fu Boys Cotton Tee and Eco Bag, for a look that's as coordinated as a kata. This cap isn't just for keeping the sun out of your eyes—it's for putting martial arts at the forefront of your style.

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