Tokyo Big Mark T-Shirt

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Color: White
Size: S
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Score the ultimate flex in martial arts streetwear with the "Tokyo Big Mark T-Shirt" from Reversal Japan. Found only at, this tee is the heavyweight champion of style. It's the iconic Reversal top that true fans know by heart, now in a very limited edition run.

Reversal Tokyo T-Shirt

  • Iconic Exclusive: More than a tee, it's a collector's piece. The classic RVDDW Big Mark makes its boldest statement yet—only for the truest of Reversal aficionados.
  • Crafted for Champions: After you roll on the mats, roll out in comfort that lasts. This shirt's as ready for a victory lap as it is for a casual hangout.
  • Speak Without Talking: With TOKYO in big letters and the credo "" emblazoned on the back, your back speaks volumes before you even face your opponent.

Ready to up your game? Grab the tee that speaks fluent "martial arts chic" and whispers "limited edition". Your wardrobe will thank you.

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