Here at we are experts on the famous Reversal RVDDW brand out of Japan. We are the official international distributors and have served thousands of customers since 2006. Probably the most common question we're asked is "when is this [insert your favorite Reversal RVDDW gear] getting back in stock?".

RVDDW Limited Edition Gear

Most Reversal RVDDW items are part of limited edition seasonal collections. Currently we release two new collections every year: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. Which means we are creating and putting out hundreds of new items every year.

Reversal RVDDW Apparel

Cool, right? However, let me emphasize the key words in the last paragraph: limited edition. All the gear that's released in our seasonal collections is produced in very limited quantities. Once an item becomes sold out, it's gone for good. For ever ever, you ask? Yes, for ever ever!

WVT Dry Stretch Joggers-Reversal RVDDW-ChokeSports

That's why we always tell our customers: when you find a new Reversal RVDDW item you like, make sure to order it as soon as you lay eyes on it. Because next month/next week/tomorrow might be too late. Your favorite size and/or color could be sold out already. Keep in mind that Reversal RVDDW is extremely popular in Japan, and our Japanese customers are obviously more aware of the limited availability. So they are also rushing to get their fix while stocks last.

Take a look at the photos above. These are some of the most desired Reversal RVDDW items from past collections. Some of the gear has been sold out for over five years and to this day we receive inquiries about it. Amazing!

The bottom line is that if you're looking to purchase the cool and awesome Reversal RVDDW gear from Japan, our online store is the right place to go. Our support team is knowledgeable and always available to help you with sizing, shipping and any other questions you might have. And if the item you're looking for is not listed in our site yet, just email us and we'll reserve it for you. 

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