Over 5 years ago, ChokeSports.com sponsored a special Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event in Scandinavia. We brought 7th degree Master Sergio Souza aka Bolao to teach a series of seminars and classes in Denmark and Sweden. Master Bolao is directly connected to us because he is the sensei that promoted our CEO Joao Pedro Santos from white belt all the way to black belt. The two of them have been close for almost 20 years now.

BJJ Master Sergio Souza Bolao & ChokeSports' CEO JP

Bolao became known in the late 80s / early 90s for his innovative guard and high flying sweeps. Competing for the powerhouse Carlson Gracie Team alongside other notables such as Amaury Bitetti, Ricardo De la Riva, Ze Mario Sperry among many others, he was mentioned by GracieMag as one of the top BJJ fighters of the 90s.

So in 2009 we brought him to Europe in order for our students and friends to finally meet and learn from the Master. For such a special event, we custom made an Isami Classic BJJ Gi especially for him. In his own words, that was "the best kimono he had ever seen or worn". The Isami BJJ Gis that are sold exclusively here at ChokeSports.com were and still are very rare in Brazil, where Master Bolao lives.

Master Sergio Souza Bolao wears Isami BJJ Gi

At the end of one of the seminars, Master Bolao rolled with many students and also with his pupil from ChokeSports. The video on this page shows the two of them going at it in a fun, friendly but competitive round. They are both wearing white Isami Classic BJJ Gis in Sashiko fabric. Each gi was customized with patches from our Isami Reversal RVDDW collection. We hope you enjoy the video and get inspired!

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