A Tale of Triumph and Anticipation

Hiroto Kishida: A Knockout Debut (Literally)

Picture this: February 17, 2024, Pancrase Blood.1, Osaka, Japan. The air is charged, the crowd is buzzing, and Hiroto Kishida, stepping into the MMA limelight for the first time, decides it's a great day to win by triangle choke. Sponsored by Reversal since his salad days in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kishida wasn't just fighting for victory; he was modeling our gear in the most literal sense—by rolling, slamming, and ultimately triumphing in it. Securing the win at 2:19 of R1, he not only demonstrated his prowess but also the superior quality of our gear, which, by the way, can take a slam and still look photoshoot ready.



Kishida's performance was more than just a fight; it was a live-action testimonial to the durability and style of the Japan MMA Gear Collection available at ChokeSports. From being slammed to securing a win with a technique as elegant as a triangle choke, he showed that with the right gear, you could be the hammer and the nail (and look good doing either).

Reversal RVDDW fighter Hiroto Kishida


Takahiro Ashida: The Countdown Begins

Now, let's shift gears to Takahiro Ashida, the sage of the cage with a tale yet to unfold at RIZIN LANDMARK 8 on February 24, 2024, in Saga, Japan. A seasoned warrior from BRAVE Gym, Ashida is gearing up (pun intended) to notch his 27th professional win. His preparations include intense training, strategic planning, and, of course, choosing the finest armor from ChokeSports, specifically our Reversal Collection.


As the anticipation builds for Ashida's bout, remember, RIZIN isn't just Japan's premier fight promotion; it's a stage where legends come to play, and our fighters come to slay (in style). It's the perfect backdrop for Ashida to demonstrate not just his indomitable spirit but also the performance edge our gear provides.

Takahiro Ashida RVDDW sparring MMA

ChokeSports: Where Champions Shop

At ChokeSports, we're more than just a martial arts shop; we're a part of the journey for fighters like Hiroto Kishida and Takahiro Ashida. By providing them—and you—with gear from top brands like Isami and Reversal RVDDW, we ensure that every fighter steps into the ring with confidence. Whether you're making your debut or defending a title, the gear you wear matters.

As we celebrate Kishida's victory and await Ashida's fight with bated breath, we invite you to explore our collections and find the gear that champions trust. From Official Rizin MMA Gear to essentials for every discipline, ChokeSports.com is your destination for premium martial arts equipment.

Join us in cheering for Takahiro Ashida tomorrow and experience the thrill of victory and the spirit of martial arts with ChokeSports. Here, champions are born, and legends are made.

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