Shizuka Sugiyama: A Triumphant Return to Pancrase

Shizuka Sugiyama is a name well-known not just in the rings of Japanese MMA but also as the vibrant color commentator for RIZIN broadcasts. Beyond her fighting prowess, Sugiyama shines as a model. She graces various brands across Japan, including our own Reversal RVDDW. After stepping away from active competition for two years, Sugiyama made a striking return to action.

Reversal RVDDW fighter Shizuka Sugiyama at Pancrase 341

On March 31, 2024, at Pancrase 341, she showcased her timeless skill. The event took place at the Tachikawa Stage Garden in Tokyo. Sugiyama faced Raika Emiko, marking her first fight for the Pancrase promotion. She debuted in MMA nearly 16 years ago. Today, she continues to compete at an elite level, proving age is but a number.

Sugiyama's victory over Emiko was unanimous. It came after three rounds of intense battle with lots of strike exchanges and takedowns. This win wasn't just another notch on her belt. It was a statement. Sugiyama embodies what it means to evolve yet remain true to one's core. As a fighter, commentator, and model, she balances multiple roles with grace and fierceness.


Reversal RVDDW fighter Shizuka Sugiyama 2024 Spring-Summer collection

Reversal RVDDW is proud to sponsor an athlete of Sugiyama's caliber. She not only represents the pinnacle of martial arts competition. She also embodies the spirit of our brand. She shows that with the right gear, any challenge can be met head-on.

Her choice of Reversal RVDDW gear is a testament to its quality and performance. Our collection supports athletes across their journeys. It offers comfort, style, and the reliability needed to face any opponent.


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