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DISCLAIMER: the title of this post refers to actual black belts, not juiced up fighters 😂

Today we announce some major updates on the site. Our famous Isami BJJ Black Belt Premium is now more powerful than ever! We received feedback from fighters who wanted a few more levels of customization for their belts. You spoke and we listened. Here's what's new...

  • Personalize your new black belt with logo embroidery
  • Choose the perfect belt width to match your frame
  • Upgrade to rushed service for urgent orders


You can order custom logo embroidery directly in the product page. As you can see in the images, we already have many team logos on file and ready to embroider such as Renzo Gracie, Alliance, Gracie Barra, Fifty/50, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, Pedro Sauer, Royce Gracie among others. You can also upload your new logo and we will make it for you.


Isami BJJ Black Belt Premium

Isami BJJ Black Belt Premium

BELT WIDTH: 42mm, 45mm, 50mm

Now you can choose how wide your Isami BJJ Black Belt should be. The standard belt width is 42mm (1.65in) but we also make wider variations that are 45mm (1.80in) and 50mm (2.00in). They are especially popular with bigger fighters/instructors who need a belt that will match their large frame. The custom black belt we made for Roger Gracie, for example, was 45mm 1.80in wide.

Isami Black Belt from


It normally takes 15 work days to custom make your new belt, but we also offer a rushed service (8 work days) for urgent orders. The whole process is handmade and we always have many orders waiting in line. We will send you a completion estimate a few days after the order is placed so you know when it will ship.


Make no mistake: this is the best BJJ Black Belt money can buy. That's why the most respected names in the sport are regular customers. Your new belt will be handcrafted in Japan by master seamstresses with all the customizations you select on this page. You'll be amazed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Get it now!

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