We are famous for our custom made belts and embroideries. When it comes to black belts, most customers seem to choose embroidery colors Gold, Silver, White and Red, even though we have over 20 thread colors available.

ChokeSports Isami Embroidery Colors

That's why today we'd like to bring up another color for you to consider: Black. Yes, Black on Black! Sure, if you add a black embroidery on your new Isami black belt, it will not stand out much. But what if this is exactly what you're aiming for?

ChokeSports Isami Black Belt embroidery

Black embroideries are elegant and discrete. They are hard to spot but once detected, they are sure to attract curious looks followed by questions such as "Is that an embroidery on your black belt?" and "Where did you get that made?".

The pictures on this article are from an Isami BJJ Black Belt we custom made for a customer in Brazil. He asked to have his black belt promotion date embroidered in black color on the reverse side of the belt. It doesn't get any more discrete than that, huh?

ChokeSports Isami BJJ Black Belt

When you order one of our custom made black belt models, you have the option of adding embroideries on both sides of the belt (front and reverse). That's because we embroider the fabric first and then we make the belt. What are you waiting for?


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