Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon MMA gloves

The legendary Bruce Lee is often credited as being the first person to popularize open finger martial arts gloves. In fact the special gloves he designed and wore on the Enter the Dragon movie gave him a look that is very similar to what we see today in modern MMA. The man was truly ahead of his time!

The Bruce Lee MMA Gloves from Isami have been best sellers here at for many years now. These gloves are handcrafted in Japan using the best materials and sewing techniques. Mr. Akira Maeda, former fighter and promoter of the RINGS organization, assisted in the creation of the gloves.

The gloves feature split padding and a slightly curved design that minimizes accidental eye pokes during practice. Perfect for full contact sparring. You'll experience smooth transitions from striking to grappling without missing a beat. Order it now!

ChokeSports Isami Bruce Leee MMA Gloves

ChokeSports Isami Bruce Lee MMA Gloves

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