Face Shield for Karate Head Guards

We've just released a neat and practical face shield add-on to be used with our famous Full Contact Karate Head Guards. So now you can add another layer of protection to your karate training. 

When you order the Isami Karate Head Guard or the Isami Karate Tournament Head Guard here at ChokeSports you will be prompted to include the face shield add-on...

This is a simple and effective way to protect against virus-packed particles during Karate practice. The shield is made of soft vinyl with smooth edges for a safe and comfortable fit. Whereas the eye area remains uncovered to prevent fogginess during hard training.


Simply add the Isami Karate Head Guard or the Isami Karate Tournament Head Guard to your shopping cart. You'll then see a pop-up box offering the Face Shield Add-On for only $4.95.


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