Isami K-1 Kickboxing Gloves for a Giant

Back in 2006 during one of my trips to the Isami factory in Kazu, where all our gloves, shin guards and mitts are produced, I had the chance to try on the biggest gloves I've ever seen in my life...

K-1 Kickboxing gloves for Hong Man Choi

These gloves were being custom made for the famous Korean fighter Hong Man Choi (최홍만) for his upcoming K-1 kickboxing fight against the legendary heavyweight Jerome Lebanner. Take a look at the size difference between the two fighters in the video below...

A true giant among giants, Choi was 7ft 2in (2.18m) high and weighed 355lbs (161kg), which obviously demanded enormous gloves that only he could wear. Our parent company Isami was in charge of making the K-1 Kickboxing Gloves and we had to use all our expertise to create the special gear for Mr. Choi.

Isami glove factory in JapanHere at you can get the famous boxing and kickboxing gloves from Isami Japan. We have a whole range of gloves for sparring and fighting. Our gloves are used in major professional events such as K-1, Rizin, Shoot Boxing among others. Buy with confidence!

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