Roger Gracie 4th degree Black Belt

We recently made a new Isami black belt for our friend Roger Gracie. He had been wearing his 3rd degree belt for many years [read all about it here] but it was time to get a new belt with an update rank bar showing his 4th degree. 

Roger Gracie wears his new 4th degree black belt from

So we prepared a very special Isami BJJ Black Belt Premium for him. This time we selected the stiff model F-742 in 47mm width (Roger is a very big man, after all!). This belt model has a black inner core that will show when the belt ages and starts to fray. Really sweet!

Roger Gracie's new Isami black belt from

We personalized Roger's new belt with golden embroideries: his name on Side A (falls over the right leg when the belt is tied) and his team logo on Side B (falls over the left leg). The four white degrees are stitched all around the professor rank bar. Every single details was masterfully done for Jiu-Jitsu's greatest competitor of all time.

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