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We have just added a nice little feature to ChokeSports: as soon as you access the site, we automatically detect where in the world you are and change all prices to your local currency. Neat!

You can also manually pick your preferred currency using the currency switcher that's located on the top right corner (on large screens) or the bottom left corner (on small screens)...

Currency Switcher

It's important to note that all orders are processed in US Dollars. While we display prices in your local currency, you will checkout in USD using the most current exchange rate.

We also made it very easy for you to see actual prices in US Dollars: just hover your mouse over the price you want to check and a blue tab will be displayed. Just like this...

See prices in USD

Here at ChokeSports we ship orders from Japan to more than 60 countries. As a matter of fact, we have regular customers all across the globe and ship worldwide on a daily basis.

Orders of USD 200 and up benefit from free international shipping. Even if your order does not qualify for the free shipping deal, you'll still get great shipping rates starting at only $19.95.

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