Beware of Scam Site

Beware of Scam Site

We have recently discovered that there is a fake copy of our website that is being used as a scam site. We want to take a moment to warn our customers and anyone who may come across this site to avoid it and not interact with it.
Shop in your local currency

Shop in your local currency

We have just added a nice little feature to ChokeSports: as soon as you access the site, we automatically detect where in the world you are and cha...
ChokeSports Isami Teams

10 Years of ChokeSports

Can you believe our online store has been in business for over 10 years? To this day we have shipped our exclusive Isami and Revers...

Cool new features added to the site (-:

This is just a quick post to let our customers know that we've recently added a couple nice tools to the site: Persistent Shopping CartIn order for...

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