The ChokeSports team has just finished making a couple Isami BJJ Black Belt Premium for some of our Jiu-Jitsu friends in NYC 🗽. These BJJ black belts feature every single level of customization available. They both have name embroidery, rank bar with stitched degrees and... logo embroidery!

As you can see in the image, we added the famous Renzo Gracie Thundercats logo and Gregor Gracie's cool minimalist logo to their new belts. This is the ultimate level of customization! Logo embroidery on belts is a special service that needs to be requested directly through our customer service.


  • Since there isn't much space available on a belt, our embroidery specialists must first check if the logo can be embroidered at all.
  • Stick to simple designs in one color like the examples on this page.
  • An embroidery mold is required, and this usually costs between $80-$100 (one-time fee) depending on the design.
  • Once we have the embroidery mold, you'll always be able to add your logo to other belts purchased here at ChokeSports and pay only the embroidery fee (usually $15-$25).
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