RVDDW Street Fighter BJJ Gis


The RVDDW team over in Japan has just released five Street Fighter Jiu-Jitsu uniforms. Yes, we're talking about Capcom's 1989 smash hit video game series Street Fighter ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

These are limited edition BJJ kimonos designed by Reversal RVDDW and produced by our parent company Isami. They are loaded with cool details and smart references to different characters such as Ryu, Blanka and Gouko.


We've already received many inquiries from customers all over the world who are interested in purchasing these limited edition Jiu-Jitsu gis. Unfortunately these are officially licensed items and Capcom has only given us the right to sell them domestically in Japan. Bummer ๐Ÿ˜–

So even though ChokeSports.com is the official international partner of both RVDDW and Isami, we cannot sell the Street Fighter BJJ Gis to customers outside of Japan...


Simply put, to purchase the Street Fighter BJJ Gis you'll need an address in Japan ๐Ÿค”. Here we list two scenarios for you...

  • have the gis shipped to a friend who lives in Japan
  • if you're visiting Japan, we can deliver the gis to your hotel

Not the easiest way to order these gis, I know. If you're interested, please contact our support team today and we'll send you further instructions. But hurry up, because the Street Fighter Gis will sell out fast!


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