It's with a touch of nostalgia that we revisit one of the most unique items that was once part of our ChokeSports lineup - the traditional Tetsu Geta, also known as Iron Sandals. These were not just footwear, but also a distinctive form of leg weights that provided a challenging, yet entertaining way to exercise the legs for martial arts. They helped strengthen the foot along with the leg, adding a unique element to training.

As of 2022, however, we've had to say goodbye to this intriguing product. Due to various factors, the Tetsu Geta is no longer available in our store. We understand the enduring fascination with this item, and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to adapt our offerings to serve our customers better.

Yet, the spirit of the Tetsu Geta lives on in the innovative karate equipment we continue to curate. To help you find equally beneficial alternatives for your karate training, we invite you to explore "The Ultimate Guide to Karate Equipment" on our blog here. This comprehensive guide provides insights into a wide array of training tools that can help enhance your martial arts journey in unique ways.





Hello Gerardo. Unfortunately the tetsu geta iron sandals are sold out and discontinued. We will not be restocking them, so sorry.

Gerardo Guzman

Gerardo Guzman

When are you may have tetsu geta back in stock? Size 11

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